Sir Robin Doc

1996 Brown / Smokey Black Stallion

Barn Name : Doc or Teddy
Sire: Blueboy Quincy
Dam: WW Devil Doc
Doc has been an outstanding sire for us.  He produces foals with his sweet and calm dispostion.  He is considered a smokey black due to the fact he has a cream gene and produces many buckskin, palomino and chocolate palomino foals.  He also gives his large size and big bone structure to his foals and his beautiful head.  Doc is about 16hh. 

These pictures were taken in the summer of 2006.  The bottom pictures were taken in January 2004  He is standing to the public.  Come and see what beautiful foals you can have in the future with this outstanding stallion as their sire!!
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Sir Robin Wimpy 2001 stud colt
Tuis Song 2002 filly
Amber 2003 filly
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