Keens Three Bar

1985 Grullo Stallion (Deceased)
Barn name: Keen
Sire:Three Turns Keen
Dam: Queen Dunny Bar
Keens Primitive dun fator markings are:
Ear Edging
Mane and tail guard hairs
Leg barring
face masking
Transverse shoulder stripe

For markings he has a small star.
Keen will be available to limited outside mares. He will no doubt add his wonderful dispostion, good solid build, nice big hip and added touches of color to his foals.  Keen has only a few registered foals due to the fact for 12 years has been used on a grade mare heard until he came to our Ranch.  He will defintley be an asset to our breeding program.

Both of these pictures were taken out on pasture with his mares in 2004 breeding season.  The top was taken at the end of June and the bottom photo was taken the end of July.

Keen is an easy keeper .  Also his hooves are solid black and strong.  All exceptional genetics to pass on to his foals.

We are very proud to stand a 21 year old stallion who has the ability to pass on his strong genetic that hopefully at older ages his foals are still going as strong as him.  With them looking and feeling years younger than they actually are!
These pictures were taken April 2004